“President Barack Obama wants Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback whose national anthem protests have spurred similar action across the National Football League, to consider the ‘pain’ of military families who take his kneeling personally. The President was asked how he felt about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem during a CNN town hall with members of the military and their families that aired on Wednesday. Obama urged both sides of the debate to consider how the other may feel. For Kaepernick and members of the NFL, that means military families and others who have sacrificed for the country. For those who question the protests, that means the families of unarmed black men and woman who have died at the hands of police and in other ways they find unjust.'” 

Wtf?!? It’s not the military that are killing unarmed black people almost everyday in the United States. And if crimes against humanity and genocide are being committed against people of African descent, why should we have to consider ANYONE ELSE’S feelings, especially the families of people who helping America achieve its imperialistic objectives by invading other countries and killing many innocent civilians??? It’s like telling a rape victim to consider the feelings of the rapist!  I’m so disappointed in this “black” man…Smdh. 

Source: Maya Rhodan. “President Obama Wants Colin Kaepernick to Consider ‘Pain’ of Military Families.” TIME. September 28, 2016. http://time.com/4512595/president-obama-colin-kaepernick-town-hall/


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