“But the twentieth century statutes [e.g., The Civil Rights Act of 1964] were not the product of a clear victory, drafted by the victors and signed by the vanquished. Rather, they were the result of a battle of words and votes in the Congress and the White House. A very fierce fight, accompanied by unprecendented filibuster efforts and cloture votes, occurred before the legislation we review became law. Of necessity, the law which emerged from such a struggle included compromises and generalities necessary to gain the requisite consensus. Thus, the halls of Congress were the site of a truce hailed as a symbolic Appomattox, without the settling clarity of a clear victory accompanied by documents of surrender.”

Source: Linda S. Greene. Twenty Years Of Civil Rights: How Firm A Foundation? 37 Rutgers L. Rev. 707,
708. 1984-1985. 


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