“A 21-year-old man, who was beaten by police after they responded to a 911 call requesting medical assistance for him, died in a Baltimore area hospital on Wednesday, reports the Guardian. Tawon Boyd was pronounced dead after doctors failed to revive him following his encounter with the police where he was allegedly punched multiple times and choked by an officer. According to initial reports from the Baltimore County Police Department, officers responded to a 911 emergency call from Boyd’s girlfriend Deona Styron, but an attorney for Boyd’s family states that the victim is the one who placed the call. Attorney Latoya Francis-Williams claims Boyd made the call requesting an ambulance because he was feeling disoriented and wanted to be taken to the hospital. ‘They really were supposed to be there to get him to the nearest healthcare facility,’ Francis-Williams said in a statement.”

Source: Tom Boggioni. “Baltimore Man Dies After Being Beaten By Cops Following 911 Call To Take Him To The Hospital.” Raw Story. September 24, 2016. http://www.rawstory.com/2016/09/baltimore-man-dies-after-being-beaten-by-cops-following-911call-to-take-him-to-the-hospital/.


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