“It would seem to me that a straight forward approach is needed for the problems of the BLACK EDUCATOR, particularly in the area of what he or she teaches BLACK CHILDREN and ADULTS about their African heritage. For the BLACK EDUCATOR must be able to deal with all forms of RACISM and RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY. No group should be a ‘SACRED COW’ or ‘KOSHER BAGEL’ that is totally free from cultural analysis as to ho they affect, or affected, the BLACK COMMUNITIES [not ‘ghettos’] in the United States of America and elsewhere. The BLACK EDUCATOR must be free to criticize and question ANYONE, ANYTHING, ANYTIME. He or she [the black educator] is the only person capable of achieving the ‘TRUE KNOWLEDGE’ about what it is to be BLACK or AFRICAN-AMERICAN. For there is not a single WHITE man, woman or child, living or dead, who knows what is is to be ‘BLACK.’ Thus, THE FINAL AUTHORITY ON BLACKNESS can only come from the BLACK EDUCATOR. This does not in any manner suggest that ANY BLACK PERSON is to be taken as an ‘AUTHORITY’ ON BLACK PEOPLE’S HISTORY AND HERITAGE no more so than ANY WHITE PERSON is taken from the street corner of ‘WHITE AMERICA’ and made an ‘AUTHORITY IN WHITE STUDIES’, which all of us BLACK, WHITE, COLORED, RED, NEGRO, YELLOW, BROWN and whatever else there may be in colors or races MUST learn the very first day we enter WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW or RED [‘Indian’] schools, temples, churches, mosques and synagouges. Because of this latter reason we can still easily notice that ‘WHITE STUDIES’ are not separated from European and European-American history and heritage no more so than are American [WHITE] Studies separated from British [WHITE] Colonial history and heritage.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 57-58. 1967.


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