“Vital fish stocks destined for human mouths in West Africa are being pillaged by foreign meat companies to feed pig, chicken and salmon farms on the other side of the world, an investigation for The Independent has found. Soaring global demand for meat is forcing producers to scour new frontiers in the search to produce animal feed ingredients for their factory farms, with omega 3-rich fish, such as sardines from Senegalese waters, increasingly on their target list. Russian, Italian and Moroccan investors are among those who have begun to open plants on the shores of the country to cash in on the lucrative trade. But experts fear this new wave of investment could have a devastating impact on millions of people, threatening livelihoods and food security across Sub-Saharan Africa – one of the hungriest places on earth. It is likely that women will be hardest hit because they dominate the workforce within the traditional fish-smoking sectors.”

Source: Jim Wickens. “Millions of Africans face food insecurity as fish Stocks Diverted To Make Animal Feed For Western Factory Farms.” The Independent. September 17, 2016. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/millions-of-africans-face-food-insecurity-as-fish-stocks-diverted-to-make-animal-feed-for-western-a7235051.html.


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