“When will BLACK EDUCATORS and others ‘responsible for the education of African [BLACK] people’ stop looking for leadership in our CULTURAL and HISTORICAL past from integration-minded amalgamationists, most, who have for generations led us down the pathway of miscegenation with WHITE Christians, Jews, Mormons, and all other kind of WHITE religious missionaries; each group professing that it has…’THE ONLY TRUE SOLUTION TO THE RACE PROBLEM IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…,’ when in fact they must be aware that in no other ‘civilization’ in the recorded history of mankind have the former SLAVES descendants ever became the social equal of the former SLAVEMASTERS and/or SLAVEMISTRESSES descendants unless by a total and physical revolution or insurrection? It did not occur between the WHITE colonists that created the United States of America out of the colonial lands of North America, which the Europeans confiscated from the so-called ‘INDIAN PEOPLE’ they exterminated in one of the worse acts of GENOCIDE the world had ever witnessed…second in the amount of human beings exterminated only to the GENOCIDE the Arabs from Asia, Europeans from twelve colonial powers of Europe and Great Britain, followed by that which Europeans of the United States of Americans [Christians, Jews, and others] committed on the African people in Africa, Europe, the British Isle, the Americas and the Caribbean Islands; neither will such be the case in the so-called ‘BLACK EXPERIENCE’ here in the ‘Western World’ — the United States of America particularly.

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 31. 1967.


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