“This BLACK EDUCATOR cannot see any other rationale for them at this time when Europeans, European-Americans and Asians of modern Egypt and Israel [who in no way whatsoever can prove that they are related to them more so than any other person can claim heritage to this region of the ancient world] are fighting over the spoils left by ancient African and Asian people who may not have been related to either of them, particularly when one considers that the ancients knew nothing about ‘CAUCASIANS.’ The articles may be satisfying to many priests, rabbis, ministers, imans and other protectors of the world and morality for Jehovah, Jesus Christ and/or Al’lah against those of us who may be labled ‘PAGANS’ and ‘HEATHENS.’ But in them we are asked to accept, subtly of course, RACISM and RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY in Judaism, Christianity and Islam against the indigenous peoples of Africa; yet, all three religions mentioned were founded upon the teachings and philosophical concepts created and developed by the Africans [Bantus, ‘Negroes,’ or whatever else] of the Nile Valley’s religions projected in the BOOK OF THE COMING FORTH BY DAY [Egyptian Book of the Dead and Papyrus of Ani].”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 28. 1967


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