“The State Department has paid or approved 90 claims for a total $11 million in reparations from France to former World War II prisoners who were carried to Nazi death camps in French trains — the first French reparations paid to Holocaust survivors living in the United States, officials said Thursday. The payments apply to Holocaust survivors who were deported from France to concentration camps on stifling trains operated by the state-owned French railway, SNCF, or, if the survivors have died, to their spouses or heirs. It is the first French compensation to Holocaust survivors who settled in the United States as well as Israel, Canada and other countries that haven’t had a reparations agreement with France.” 

So these frauds are still receiving money for the Holocaust but people of African decent have received not even a penny in reparations and are told to shut up whenever we start talking about the reparations that are legally owed to us for the 500+ years of slavery, legal segregation and continuing racial discrimination that blacks have had to endure while living in the Americas….Smdh!!!

Source: Katherine Shaver. “U.S. Begins Paying Out Reparations From France To Holocaust Survivors And Their Heirs.” Washington Post. September 15, 2016. 


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