“[I]f I had to arrange any foundation COURSE OUTLINE in African or Black Studies I would have to begin with the most ancient of mankind or man-like animals know to us today. This, of course, will place us squarely around the African Great Lakes [Mwanza, Tanganyika and Malawi] where ‘ZINJANTHROPUS boise, ZIMBABWE [colonial ‘Rhodesia’] MAN, BOSKOP MAN’ and other fossil-humand and humanoids were unearthed…It was around this area, the ‘OLDUVAI GORGE of the NGORCNGO CRATER’ in the eastern part of Central Africa, that Sir. Charles Darwin’s book — ORIGIN OF SPECIES and THE DESCENT OF MAN…, etc. claimed would be recognized as the original home of mankind, not the allegorical ‘GARDEN OF EDEN’ at the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys we were led to believe in Judeo-Christian mythology written int he First Book of Moses [GENESIS] of the Jewish and Christian Holy Bible or Holy Torah. Are the African-American children told these facts in their LESSON PLANS ON AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY…? NO! DEFINITELY NOT! Yet here, in East Africa, is where the true ‘GARDEN OF EDEN’ has proven to be the original home of mankind hundreds of thousands of years before ‘ADAM AND EVE’ according to the latest archaeological finds and data available to any and all educators.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 39. 1967.


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