“[W]hy are the ‘children’ of all RACES not told that the ‘JEWS’ [Black, White, or whatever else they may have been] also owned ‘SLAVES’ in biblical times; and that they even stopped to purchase their own ‘SLAVES’ while they were in fact fleeing from their fellow Africans to escape their own ‘BONDAGE IN EGYPT,’ North Africa; or that the Africans of Egypt were also Nubians, Ethiopians, Puanits, Libyans, Meroites, etc., etc., etc. – Africans from as far south as Monomotapa [South Africa]? Because they must have forgotten the following extract from the Second Book of Moses [Exodus], Chapter 21: Verses 1-20. It deals with the proof that the Jews equally enslaved Jews and others who did not belong to their own religion. It shows the various rules and regulations which the Jewish SLAVEMASTERS and SLAVEOWNERS were to abide by – obviously according to the ‘…INSPIRED WORDS OF JEHOVAH…,’ since we were made to believe that all of the teachings in the ‘HOLY SCRIPTURE’ [both Old and New] came down to us from Jehovah through ‘…HIS HOLY SCRIBES…’ born among ‘…GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE…’ the Jews, Israelites or Hebrews – which ever name or title fits ones religious affiliation best.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 6-7. 1967.


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