“…WHITE Jews and Christians benefited from the exploitation of the African SLAVES then as they equally do now. This they have equally shared in since the beginning of the SLAVE TRADE by Reverend [later on Bishop] Bartolome de LasCasas and the representative of Jesus Christ on earth — His Holiness the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome who received some of the first Africans to be made slaves in ca. 1503 or 1506 C.E. — the MOORS that ruled Spain from ca. 711 to 1485 C.E. and then others from North and Northwest Africa along the so-called ‘SLAVE’ and ‘IVORY COAST.’ From this point on until ca. 1619 or 1620 C.E. the Africans were UPROOTED and TRANSPLANTED in a state of CULTURAL and PHYSICAL GENOCIDE never before experienced by any other group of human beings — even the European Jews of Hitler’s Europe.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 11. 1967.


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