“When will Black Educators…’CALL A SPADE A SPADE?’ When shall we be able to say that…’THIS CHRISTIAN [or JEWISH] TEACHER, PRIEST, RABBI, MINISTER, EDUCATOR, ADMINISTRATOR…etc. IS A RACIST [or RELIGIOUS BIGOT]…etc., etc., etc.,’ and not have to worry about having committed the most unforgivable SIN because we struck back when were abused by said person or persons’ RACISM and/or RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY directed at us? It shall happen only when we, BLACK EDUCATORS, begin to realize that we are only doing what all of the other multi-ethnic EDUCATORS throughout the United States of America do normally. Also, when we are not afraid of being called ‘ANTI-SEMITIC or ‘ANTI-CAUCASIAN’ because of ‘REVERSE RACISM,’ [t]hen, and only then, shall we achieve this goal. But first, we must understand that ‘RACISM’ AND ‘RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY’ are parts of the basic fabric of ‘AMERICAN CIVILIZATION’ — which is part of the same old ‘WESTERN CIVILIZATION’ we hear so much of in lessons dealing with the ‘SUPERIORITY OF THE GREAT WHITE RACE’ and the ‘INFERIORITY OF THE [so-called] NEGRO RACE.’ However, to combat it one cannot expect to be congratulated for so doing by those whose best interest it serves — including many, if not most, of the teachers and other WHITE educators throughout the United States of America and its colonies in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 16. 1967.


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