“‘BLACK HEROES’ did not begin in the United States of America or the Caribbean Islands, neither in South or Central America, and of course not in the ‘Holy Scriptures’ of the Christians or Jews, Muslims or Mormons, nor in Egypt when men like Pharaoh Rameses II and Moses allegedly had their civil war; their origin, prehistory, history and High-Cultures preceded Judaism, Christianity and Islam by hundreds of thousands of years dating back into the reaches of Central Africa — the home of the most ancient fossil-man…ZINJANTHROPUS BOISE…known to the entire world to this very day. ZINJANTHROPUS boise, BOSKOP MAN, ZIMBABWE (so-called ‘Rhodesia’) MAN and BROKEN HILL MAN are only a mere handful of the ancestors of the…African-American[s]…all of whom predated Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden by over one and one-half million [1,500,000] years. These fossil-men and those that came very long after along the Great Lakes of Africa at the beginning of the Blue and White Nile are equally the ancestors of the Africans who created and developed what turned out to be Puanit, Ethiopia, Nubia and Egypt — the latter being the last in which they reached the maximum of their zenith in human High-Culture. Yet there were those who even came later than these two periods only to become SLAVES for Europeans in Europe and the Americas.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 12. 1967.


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