“African HEROES captured the Iberian Peninsula under the name of ‘CARTHAGENIANS’ before the did it for the second time in history as ‘MOORS,’ the first experience around the 4th century B.C.E, and the second experience in ca. 711 C.E., which lasted until 1485 C.E. when the MOORS were finally defeated and driven from Granada, Spain by the so-called ‘CHRISTIAN EUROPEANS.’ The same Africans built in Salamanca, Spain Europe’s first university — ‘THE UNIVERSITY OF SALAMANCA. It was the African HERO Hannibal Barca who led over one hundred thousand [100,000] African soldiers [not ‘warriors’] across the Iberian Peninsula, across the Alps Mountains, and down into the Po Valley of Northern Italy where they remained for approximately twenty [20] long years fighting the best that the Europeans had ‘…at the Gates of Rome.’ Certainly the African-American children’s HERO that led their African ancestors — the MOORS — into Iberia was none other than the illustrious General TARIKH, the man in whose honour the ‘ROCK OF GIBRALTAR’ is so named. We note that the original name of the site was called ‘MONS CALPE’ before its capture by the Africans ho renamed it ‘GIBRAL TARIKH’ or ‘ROCK OF TARIKH’ in English. The two words were combined, with the last three letters omitted because of the inability of the Europeans of the area in pronouncing the ‘IKH’ sound.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 14-15. 1967.


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