“…’race’ is more than skin colour and it transcends stereotypes and individual prejudice. All people harbour prejudices about other human groups. All people use stereotypes as rules of thumb or mental templates as they try to navigate the complex world. Thus, stereotypes and prejudice, while universal, cut across ‘racial’ and ethnic lines and are not the real problems. The real issue is ability to translate prejudices and stereotypes into acts of discrimination at the personal, the state, and the systemic levels. For example, while black Britons may harbour anti-white British prejudice and stereotype all whites, and even act out their race prejudice or exhibit race animus from time to time, it is white Britons who are in the position to discriminate systematically against their black compatriots. While white British racists have a panoply of supporting institutions and agencies — the state, the judicial system, the law enforcement agencies, the media, the educational system and indeed the general culture. Black Britons do not have sufficient resources — power or otherwise — to act out their race prejudice on a systematic basis. The system simply crushes those who try.”

Source: Dr. Charles Quist-Adade. “What Is ‘Race’ And What Is ‘Racism’?” New African. pg. 47-48. April 2006.


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