“Im not gonna limit white privilege to a definition based on economics and social construct, Lets get deep and define what white privilege means in terms of what they have benefited today from their ancestral lineage since their rulership. When you have the ability to shoot and break the noses of ancient egyptian statues and sphinxes and plaster temples and scrape hieroglyphic writings and give misinformation and manipulate archaeological facts to the point where you go on the “history” channel and broadcast nonsense like aliens building pyramids that means you are historically privileged. When spiritual doctrines as the bibles who speak of a great divine people and a great savior who is documented in its own scriptures as people who originally had dark skin and wooly hair but have been iconoclastically reshaped to being people of white skin and you have white statues in countries which demographics are 99% black.. that means you are religiously & spiritually privileged,When you demoralize and dehumanize and mentally and physically abuse the people you enslaved to the point where they have to rely on you for every single resource and basic human rights from clothes, food and shelter to changing their enslaved last name that means you are psychologically privileged. When you colonize continents and control the economics of the land from oil to gold to diamonds to copper to ivory to timber etc you are financially privileged…. in nearly all aspects of life this global imperialist devil is privileged and the fact that we dont have any real platform to expose him and create real change on a major level means his future will also be privileged. Lets wake up and change this reality.” — Realest Since 93

Source: Mediatakeout.

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