“Texas college and high school teachers say a textbook that has been proposed for Mexican-American Studies high school class is chock-full of errors and omissions. If that isn’t enough, it’s also racist. According to Fusion, Texas State Board of Education member Ruben Cortez Jr. demanded that the board reject the textbook on the basis of the racism but also on the 68 factual errors, 42 interpretive errors and 31 omission errors. ‘It is an utter shame we must deal with racially offensive academic work,’ said Cortez Jr. at a press conference.”

What do you expect when majority of the writing these texts are white? Get these dumb, illegitimate motherfuckers out of there!!!

Source: Sarah K. Burris. “Texas teachers are rebelling against a new racist textbook that portrays Mexicans as lazy drunks.” Raw Story. September 7, 2016. http://www.rawstory.com/2016/09/texas-teachers-are-rebelling-against-a-new-racist-textbook-that-portrays-mexicans-as-lazy-drunks/


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