“Brazil has a new president after the country’s Senate voted to oust Dilma Rousseff from office on Wednesday, bringing an end to a monthslong impeachment process. The contentious move allowed Rousseff’s ally-turned-rival Vice President Michel Temer to assume power as the country’s leader. Temer, of the conservative PMDB political party, was Brazil’s interim leader for 111 days, but now officially holds the state’s highest office. He takes over at a time when the country is in the midst of a disastrous economic and political crisis, and has seen support for his government dwindle since he became interim president. Temer was booed when he appeared during the Rio Olympics last month, and in June was forced to deny allegations he accepted a $300,000 bribe in relation to nuclear energy company contracts. But despite Temer’s unpopularity ― an opinion poll in April showed that 58 percent of Brazilians wanted him impeached ― he has managed to rise from the shadows of the country’s politics and seize its top job. He is set to serve out the remainder of Rousseff’s term, which lasts until Brazil’s 2018 elections.” 

I think this is fucked up that Brazil’s first female president was impeached, but I also think the title of this article is misleading. If the president gets removed from office, then the vice-president automatically assumes the role right? This is how it would happen in the United States at least so I don’t understand why the Huffington Post would title the article in that way. 

Source: Grasielle Castro and Nick Robins-Early . “Brazil Now Has A President No One Voted For.” Huffington Post. September 2, 2016. 

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