“I have met, in my time, almost every ‘race’ under the sun, and I have still found ‘race’ as elusive as electricity or the ether, have still to understand what the racialist safe talking about. The most striking thing to me is the similarity in the psychology of the so-called races. The three principal things I notice will move all peoples from the most benighted to the most cultures are in the order named: money, a smile and flattery. Humanity instead of being different, is rather too monotonously alike when you get aquatinted with its different ‘races.’ Such differences as exist are minor and change with the environment. In other words, blacks who have been reared exclusively by whites have a ‘white’ psychology, whatever that is, and whites who have been reared among the primitive Negroes or Indians are, except for color, Negro or Indian, Hollywood notwithstanding.”

Source: J. A. Rogers. Sex & Race Vol. 1. pg. 17. 1952.  

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