“Maryland is expected to rake in some serious dough through legal marijuana starting in 2017. It has been estimated that the cannabis industry in the state could reach $60 million by 2020. And considering that the African-American/Black community makes up 30.5 percent of the population, one would assume local Black entrepreneurs will be cashing in as well. Unfortunately not. ‘Maryland set up its legal medical marijuana industry with hopes of racial diversity and equity in spreading profits, but none of the 15 companies cleared this week for potentially lucrative growing licenses are led by African Americans,’ reported the Washington Post. Of course, local Black community advocates and business people are calling out Maryland officials on the license approvals. ‘We are not going to see this industry flourish in the state of Maryland with no minority participation,’ said Del. Cheryl D. Glenn (D-Baltimore), chairwoman of the Legislative Black Caucus. Glenn is so upset she is pondering filing a legal injunction to stop the licensing process along with other legal options.” 

Source: Ann Brown. “Blacks Locked Out Of Legal Marijuana Industry In Maryland & Many Other States.” MadamNoire. August 19, 2016. http://madamenoire.com/713083/blacks-locked-legal-marijuana-industry-maryland-many-states/

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