“NFL brothers Martellus and Michael Bennett tossed around plenty of jokes during their ESPN The Magazine feature story for the August 22 issue. Something that wasn’t a laughing matter, though, was Martellus’s definition for the National Football League. ‘Do you know what the NFL stands for?’ the Patriots’ tight end asked the writer of the piece. ‘Niggers For Lease.’ …He then turned to his brother Michael, a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, before asking: ‘How many Black owners have there been in the history of the NFL?’ Michael shot back: ‘Zero. We’re check getters, not check writers.” Earlier in the feature piece, Michael commented: “If you’re a player, the only thing you own is your likeness, and your likeness has a date on it. The only way we can be sustainable is to make our own companies.'”

Source: Mark Lelinwaller. BET. August 3, 2016. http://www.bet.com/news/sports/2016/08/03/this-patriots–player-defines-nfl.html.


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