“There is a rebirth occurring. Not everything I do needs to be put on display. I understand the power of concealment. I know the magic of keeping somethings undercover. I know that my strength comes from the way in which I am in relationship to the process of my life. I honor the cycles that I live in. I honor the studio spaces, the soundproofing, and the covered windows that can momentarily help me to focus on what is important. I commit to my growth and the process it’s got me undertaking right now. I am comfortable in the unknown. I know that at this moment I am open to many possibilities and even though some structures in my life might be dissolving, I have the steadiness of character and the sturdiness of self to lean back on and when I am not sure about which way to go, I sit patiently and wait for my answers to arrive. Because they always do.”

Source: Chani Nicholas. “New Moon in Leo: Horoscopes for the Week of August 1st.” [message for Virgos]. August 1, 2016. http://chaninicholas.com/2016/08/new-moon-in-leo-horoscopes-for-the-week-of-august-1st/.

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