“Saturn is currently squaring Neptune in Pisces. Neptune dissolves structures. Erodes foundations. Permeates all boundaries. Floods all channels. Neptune can induce a lack of security during the dissolution of what was. Old walls need to be dissolved, old fear eroded, false lines of separation blurred. But when overwhelmed with the shifting shape of things, some humans tend towards fear while some tend towards unification. This is the divide we find ourselves dancing in now. Will we find more reasons to fear or will we find more ways to connect with one another? We know we need change. We know the establishment is not established for the majority of us. We hear a new course calling us. We can see the possibility of a new order in the distance but if we don’t have a strategic, well-thought out plan of action we are bound to miss the opportunity and end up in hot mess like we’ve never been in before. We must chart our course conscientiously.”

Source: Chani Nicholas. “New Moon in Leo: Horoscopes for the Week of August 1st.” August 1, 2016. http://chaninicholas.com/2016/08/new-moon-in-leo-horoscopes-for-the-week-of-august-1st/.


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