“Can someone let the Miss Teen USA pageant know that Karlie Hay, their newly crowned winner, seems to have used the n-word on Twitter? Like, a lot? The 18-year-old Hay, who was formerly Miss Texas Teen USA, won the top crown Saturday at the Miss Teen USA pageant in Las Vegas. But before the clock had even struck midnight on her reign, angry Twitter users had already begun dredging up transgressions from her past…Before Hay had even received her crown, the pageant had already sparked controversy over the fact that its top 5 finalists lacked diversity. Since her tweets were brought to light, Hay has responded on Twitter with a public apology, citing ‘personal struggles’ as the reason for the foul language.”

We all know that racist people are dealing with “personal struggles,” so she needed a better excuse than that since she was not saying “nigga,” but she was saying “nigger” as well. 

I believe the organization must do something about this because this definitely taints their brand. Personally, I think Karlie should be stripped of her title. 
Source: Brianna Provenzano. “People Are Dragging Miss Teen USA 2016 Karlie Hay for Using the N-Word A Lot on Twitter.” Mic. July 31, 2016. https://mic.com/articles/150198/people-are-dragging-miss-teen-usa-2016-karlie-hay-for-using-the-n-word-a-lot-on-twitter#.qEVEf5qvn


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