“Tamir Rice’s mother Samaria called on America to address racism and inequality, warning that it’s the entire country that will pay the price. ‘The conversation that needs to happen in America right now, is definitely [about] racism. And it can be uncomfortable,’ Rice said, adding that sometimes ‘it’s OK to make people uncomfortable.’ Rice, whose 12-year-old son was killed by Cleveland police in November 2014 while playing with a toy gun, said that the country needs to start having these hard conversations about race ‘or America is going to crumble in front of your eyes.'” 

I agree! America has been in self-destruction mode for some time now and race relations are worsening by the day…

Source: Reid Nakamura. “Tamir Rice’s Mother: ‘America Is Going to Crumble’ If Racism Isn’t Addressed.” The Wrap. July 28, 2016. 


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