“When it comes to cultural sensitivity, it would be a dramatic understatement to say that Disney has a checkered past. Whether in colonized India (“The Jungle Book”) or the ‘barbaric’ Middle East (“Aladdin”), the animation giant has long denied its characters of color their full humanity. Case in point: The only Disney movie set on the continent of Africa to date, “The Lion King,” didn’t even have any Africans in it, only animals — and yet Disney still managed to inject racial and cultural stereotypes into the film. And so it is that after a smooth eight decades of racist depictions, the studio recently announced the development of a new film, “The Princess of North Sudan,” a story based on actual events that will be adapted for the screen by writer Stephany Folsom, hired earlier this month. From the title alone, this sounds like a promising departure from history, suggesting perhaps a newfound respect for black characters and the African continent as a place populated by, you know, human Africans. Might this princess be different from Disney’s long lineage of lily-white royals? Could the days of an archetypal Snow White in fact be coming to a close? Alas, appearances can be very deceiving, and anyone who looks past the title of the movie quickly discovers this jaw-dropping central detail about Disney’s ‘first African princess’: She is actually white. She’s not African, either. Nor is she even a princess. She’s just Emily Heaton, of Virginia. Granted, she is adorable, and seven years old; so I hate to say this, but she’s also an entitled brat with a rich, spineless dad. She is the spirit animal for global white supremacy and American imperialist power. And now she’s slated to be immortalized by Disney.”

I’m disgusted!!! This is a horrible idea! Please don’t go out and support this racist film when it’s released!!!

Source: Matthew Pulver. “Why Disney’s ‘First African Princess’ Is The Spirit Animal For Global White Supremacy.” Salon. May 28, 2016. http://www.salon.com/2015/05/28/why_disneys_first_african_princess_is_the_spirit_animal_for_global_white_supremacy/.


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