“Jurors will often receive evidence and interpretive cues from performers at trial, by which we mean the cast of characters in the courtroom who jurors see, such as the judge, lawyers, parties, and witnesses. These various performers are playing roles of one sort or another. And, it turns out that people tend to have stereotypes about the ideal employee or worker that vary depending on the segment of the labor market. For example, in high-level professional jobs and leadership roles, the supposedly ideal employee is often a White man. When the actual performer does not fit the ideal type, people may evaluate the performance more negatively.”

I guess this is why ZERO out of the 50 Agents employed at William Morris’ New York office when I was employed in 2008-2010 were African American or Hispanic…

Source: Hon. Mark W. Bennett, Devon Carbado, Pam Casey, Jerry Kang,  et al. “Implicit Bias In The Courtroom.” 56 UCLA L. Review 1124, 1167. 2012



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