Congressman Steve King is a racist piece of CACA!!!

If you want to know the NUMEROUS contributions of Africans and other indigenous peoples to civilization, read this blog or go read a book dumbass! He could start with the Greeks to learn that the Egyptians CIVILIZED them, and at one time, the Greeks also worshiped black Gods!! For example, as J. A. Rogers explains in Sex & Race Vol. 1, “One of the titles of Zeus was Ethiop, an Egyptian or African word, which came later to mean ‘black.’” I could say so much more, but why waste my time?

This guy (and others who have distorted views like him) does not belong in Congress or any position of power that affects our nation’s diverse and multicultural society! His thinking is what’s wrong with America today and explains why racism still exists in 2016. Smdh.

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