visiting the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain

During one of my last days in Spain, I traveled to Granada to visit another magnificent palace built by the African Moors known as the Alhambra. Although I was fortunate to live next to and check out the Alcazaba — another castle build by African Moors — in Malaga, the Alhambra palace was everything I wanted and more! Check out the pics below!


One thing that disappointed me however, was that I saw very few black people there. It took hours to see everything and I could only imagine what this place was like when various rulers actually lived there. For any one to say that Africans contributed nothing to civilization or had no civilization prior to the European, this castle proves without a doubt that the speaker is either racially biased and/or ignorant of world history.

If visiting Spain, I definitely recommend that you visit the Alhambra palace in Grenada! For tickets and/or more information, click here:


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