“The link up between the Saharan and the later Sudanic agricultural complex may be inferred by the great migration of peoples after the fertile Sahara began to turn into a desert, by the wide and early distribution of language networks and shared agricultural terms, by linked cultural and techno-complexes, by a study of plant geography. Peter Murdock, who concluded that over 25 food and fiber plants were domesticated around the Niger circa 4,500 B.C. has been violently attacked and, perhaps, with good reason, on some points of his thesis. But, as more and more has been unearthed, especially agricultural settlements 10,000 years earlier in the east of Africa, the botanists who tend towards this view are growing and are being taken more seriously.”

Source: Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. Blacks In Science: Ancient and Modern. pg. 21. 1983.

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