“Most of us have heard of the Meroitic script invented by the Nubians and partly influenced by the Egyptians. But what is far less known and far more important is the discovery, announced four years ago, that the origin of the Egyptian hieroglyphic system itself lies among black people in the Sudan. On March 1, 1979, this discovery made front-page news in the New York Times. Dr. Bruce Williams, a research associate of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, announced the discovery of a black kingdom, known as Ta-Seti, at a place called Qustul, which preceded the first dynasty in Egypt by twelve generations. About a dozen black kings reigned at Ta-Seti and all the major religious and political symbols of a later Egypt were found in this kingdom, the very first in the Nile Valley. On a stone incense burner dated 3,300 B.C. were carvings of the falcon-god Horus, the uniquely-shaped crown that was to adorn the later Egyptian kings, the sacred boat-litter of the pharaohs, the elaborate palace serekhs and facades — everything already in place among these royal blacks. Most important, the excavators found inscriptions — the earliest in the hieroglyphic system — in the tombs of Qustul, a system that was not only to be the mother of the Egyptian but was to have a seminal effect upon some European writing systems as well.


Source: Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. Blacks In Science: Ancient and Modern. pg. 24-25. 1983; To read the New York Times article, go to http://www.nytimes.com/1979/03/01/archives/ancient-nubian-artifacts-yield-evidence-of-earliest-monarchy-clues.html?_r=0; Image obtained from http://goista.com/meroe-home-of-the-pyramids-of-meroe/.


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