“#BlackLivesMatter isn’t divisive. It isn’t separating folks. Folks have been separated. Ever since there was a ‘United States,’ folks have been divided. Slaughtered. Enslaved. Imprisoned. Poisoned. Sterilized. Institutionalized. There has never been equality here. We have never begun from the same place. We have never had equal safety, equal rights or equal protection. Never. To be either against this movement or neutral to it is to hold the gun. It is to pull the trigger. It is to go down in history as the person who did nothing in the face of one of the greatest injustices of our time. This is not nuanced. Anti-blackness is not nuanced. Being shot for reaching for your wallet, for selling CD’s, for being black is not nuanced. There is no nuance to hide behind. There never was.”

Source: Chani Nicholas. “Haunted By Our History.” July 9, 2016. http://chaninicholas.com/2016/07/haunted-by-our-history/.


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