“No human disaster, with the exception of the Flood (if that biblical legend is true) can equal in dimension of destructiveness the cataclysm that shook Africa. We are all familiar with the slave trade and the traumatic effect of this on the transplanted black but few of us realize what horrors were wrought on Africa itself. Vast populations were uprooted and displaced, whole generations disappeared, European diseases descended like the plague, decimating both cattle and people, cities and towns were abandoned, family networks disintegrated, kingdoms crumbled, the threads of cultural and historical continuity were so savagely torn asunder that henceforward one would have to think of two Africas: the one before and the one after the Holocaust. Anthropologists have said that eighty percent of traditional African culture survived. What they mean by traditional is the only kind of culture we have come to accept as African — that of the primitive on the periphery, the stunned survivor. The African genius, however, was not to remain buried forever. Five centuries later, archeologists, digging among the ruins, began to pick up some of the pieces.”

Source: Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. Blacks In Science: Ancient and Modern. pg. 8-9. 1983.


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