“The NYPD is one of many U.S. police forces who face constant criticism and are often at odds with the Black community over poor handling of incidents involving their officers and Black men, but a few minority NYPD officers say it’s no accident that people of color seem to be the targets. “You might not see anything, but you go hunting, like, bounty hunting for an arrest,” NYPD officer Derick Waller told NBC New York back in April of this year. Waller has since faced consequences that he believes are a direct result of his decision to speak out, which he detailed in a more recent interview with NBC New York just last week. Officer Adhyl Polanco also admits that police officers are required to target the most vulnerable of areas when looking to fulfill quotas, which often results in focusing specifically on Black communities. ‘The problem is when you go hunting, when you pull any type of numbers for a police officer to perform, we are gonna go to the most vulnerable. We’re gonna go to the LGBT community, we’re gonna go to the Black community.'”         

Source: Rachaell Davis. “Minority NYPD Officers Admit Their Fellow Cops Go ‘Hunting’ For Vulnerable Citizens Of Color.” Essence. July 8, 2016. 


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