As I make my way back to the States, I am saddened and outraged after watching the video of two police officers killing ANOTHER unarmed black man, Alton Sterling, after being pinned to the ground by the police! I believe his “crime” was selling bootleg CDs to help support his family….These killings are happening too frequently and the people of Baton Rouge, Louisiana have every right to raise hell and demand justice for Alton!

I also read another article detailing news of the killing of Angelo Brown, a member and national organizer for the National Revolutionary Black Panther Party, by the police in St. Louis. According to the police, they say Brown was running around his apartment complex with a gun…so they killed him as well.

I sick and tired of hearing stories like this, especially when the killers suffer no repercussions in a court of law and are considered to be heroes by the white majority. What a sick world we live in!


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