“According to the Public Religion Research Institute, 49 percent of Americans believe discrimination against white people is as big of an issue today as discrimination against people of color. The same percentage of people (49 percent) disagreed. However, the even split disintegrates among racial groups. Only 29 percent of African Americans and 38 percent of Hispanics share this belief, compared with 57 percent of white people — and 66 percent of working-class white people specifically. The results aren’t shocking: According to a Pew Research Survey out this week, 70 percent of African Americans said racial discrimination is a barrier to black people getting ahead today, versus only 36 percent of white people. And while 53 percent of white people said America still has work to do to ensure black people achieve equal rights to their white counterparts, white Americans were split on whether equality will be achieved in the future (40 percent) or if enough changes have already been made (38 percent).”

Source: Victoria M. Massie. “Americans Are Split On “Reverse Racism.’ That Still Doesn’t Mean It Exists.” Vox. June 29, 2016. http://www.vox.com/2016/6/29/12045772/reverse-racism-affirmative-action.

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