“Until well into the present century, the scientists studying prehistoric times looked mainly to Asia as man’s original home. In the year 1921, this position was boldly challenged by the publication of The Origin and Evolution of the Human Race by Dr. Albert Churchward. Dr. Churchward was a disginguished medical man. He was a member of both the Royal Council of Physicians and the Royal Council of Surgeons; and besides this he was an anthropologist and an archaeologist. The earliest members of the human species appeared in Central Africa two million years ago, Churchward argued. From the Great Lames region they spread over the entire continent. Certain groups of these early men wandered down the Nike Valley, settled in Egypt, and then spread out and colonized the entire world. The first migration was of primitive little men, known as Pygmies. Afterward came waves of Nilotic Negroes who also spread out over the world. As these eat Africans wandered over the world, they differentiated into the various human subspecies that now inhabit the globe. Men who remained in the tropics and the equatorial regions retained their dark complexions; those who settled in temperate zones lost some of their pigmentation and developed a fairer skin.”

Source: Dr. John G. Jackson. Introduction To African Civilizations. pg. 41. 1970. 

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