“Isn’t it strange that when you were taught, you only hear about a Holocaust? ‘A’ [meaning or implying] ‘one.’ What happened to your Holocaust that’s still going on? What happened to the 50 million Africans — your brothers and sisters — that were murdered in Monomotapa, now called South Africa under Cecil John Rhodes? Do you know black folks take scholarships in honor of Cecil John Rhodes? Because you don’t know [the truth]. Nobody told you who Rhodes was. Rhodes made Hitler look like a playboy. You don’t know about the Holocaust with Frederick Lugard and Dr. [Leander Starr] Jameson in what is today called Nigeria… You don’t know about the Holocaust with Leopold II, the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers and so forth when they took over what was called Mani-Kongo in those days and changed it to the Congo Free State. How many millions? 22 million were exterminated…That isn’t mentioned as Holocaust in any of your textbooks because it was only Africans being exterminated. I don’t expect enemies to say this, but I do expect when you write and you do your research, that you use the appropriate terms ‘genocide’ [and] ‘Holocaust’ wherever it applies. In Tazmania, an island off [the coast of] Australia, every last African was murdered. There isn’t one left. And you don’t call it a Holocaust? You don’t cry about it. You don’t get up any day complaining. Nobody comes to you and asks you, but you cry for everybody else’s Holocaust because you weren’t taught that these people had anything at all to do with you. You forgot that the slave boat did not come from Africa to America — it came from Africa to the Caribbean, from the Caribbeans to America. The first boat that brought Africans here were not from Africa, but from Barbados. The first that came to Virginia in 1619 at Jamestown. See, you weren’t told that there was any connection. As a matter of fact, the people from Alabama don’t feel anything for the people of New Jersey and the people of New Jersey don’t feel anything for the people of Mississippi, etc. We have not been taught that way. Thus we couldn’t even have with Jesse [Jackson] an African drive for an African people. In the midst of the drive, we had to change to ‘rainbow.'” — Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan 

Source: From the lecture titled “The Black Man Must Wake Up.”


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