The Flower of Life @ the Osirian Temple in Abydos, Egypt.

If you do not know what the Flower of Life is, then I advise that you conduct a Google search and read about this sacred symbol. I first learned about this symbol while watching Spirit Science. To my knowledge, they never made any mention that this symbol can be found at one of the oldest temples in Egypt!

Osirian in Abydos

Flower-Of-LIfe-Enscriptions-On-Pillar-At-Abydos 2

Flower-Of-LIfe-Enscriptions-On-Pillar-At-Abydos 3


In Drunvalo Melchizedek’s The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: An Edited Transcript, Volume 1, he also indicates that the Seed of Life can also be found nearby:

To the left of these two Flower of Life patterns, on the same stone, are other related figures. The stones that were used to build this temple, including the one in these figures, are huge. I would say they weigh at least 70 to 100 tons. It makes you wonder ho those hairy barbarians moved all those hundred-ton stones around. There are many related patterns on these walls. The left one in this photo [not included here] is called the Seed of Life, which comes directly out of the Flower of Life pattern.


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