State Bar of Georgia gives Denton LLP’s David Michael Klein until Oct. 25th to respond to Leonard Rowe’s complaint.

There’s already an immediate difference between the way the State Bar of Georgia and the New York’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee responds to legitimate complaints of attorney misconduct. We never received a letter like this from the DDC and they never compelled the attorneys complained of to respond to our complaint before dismissing it. Smh…


  1. nootkabear

    Many times, the GA Bar appears like they are going to take a matter seriously, and then respond to the complaint in this manner: “Well, he has been an attorney since 1966 and a county court appointed guardian since 1972, we don’t believe that he could have done what you allege he did.” He allowed an elderly family member to be put into a home by persons other than her family members, hid her from family members, caused her death, and failed to alert family when she went into the hospital for a week, did not inform family that she was in the hospital, or that she passed away. All the while, the attorney was using her money (which the County had stolen from our accounts), and living it up. We found out about the death three months later, at a hearing.

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