Dr. Joy Degruy discusses why our white-controlled, educational institutions cannot be HONEST about HISTORY.

if the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had been around for 46 years BEFORE I began employment at William Morris, shouldn’t SOMEONE (e.g. HR, WMA’s in-house counsel and/or Loeb & Loeb LLP) have informed the oldest talent agency in Hollywood that their employment practices, policies and procedures were creating a disparate impact against qualified African Americans and people of color? or do they honestly believe that due to their “superiority,” whites/”Jews” are the ONLY ones qualified enough to be hired and/or promoted to Agent? GTFOH!

Arbitration significantly diminishes the Civil Rights Act of 1964’s ability to achieve its public policy goal of ERADICATING racial (and other forms of) discrimination throughout the Amerikkkan workplace.

great minds think alike. #freePALESTINE


I’m sure most haven’t heard that on Sunday, Israel claimed almost 1,000 acres of land in the West Bank, which an “anti-settlement group termed the biggest in 30 years.” Israel Radio said the step was taken in response to the kidnapping and killing of three Jewish teens by Hamas militants in the area in June although hundreds of innocent civilians in Palestine have died in that same span of time. The most important fact that is always omitted in this conversation: It’s impossible for European descendants to claim that “holy land” in the Middle East belongs to them! Smdh. I’ve also made this argument in my case, since this same group of people perpetrating these lies are overrepresented in meaningful positions throughout Hollywood, essentially “controlling” it and thus, have a tremendous influence on distorting the way we think and view the world, particularly when it comes to race. The United Nations needs to charge Israel and their conspirators/supporters for their egregious crimes against humanity and genocide.


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/31/israel-west-bank_n_5745498.html.

words of the wise.


Source:  James Baldwin, “As Much Truth As One Can Bear,” New York Times Book Review. January 14, 1962

“[A]rbitrators resolving civil rights disputes function under controls which retard, or at least hinder, advancement toward ‘fair employment.'”

Source: Irving Kovarsky , Civil Rights and Arbitration, 1974 Wash. U . L. Q . 59, 61 (1974).

“Although arbitration is supposed to be a final and binding process, judicial review must be available to correct an arbitrator’s intentional flouting of the law. If the standard is eliminated, arbitral finality will rise above the crowning principle of the American constitutional system: ‘No man in this country is so high that he is above the law.'”

Source: Michael H. LeRoy. Are Arbitrators Above the Law? The “Manifest Disregard of Law” Standard. 52 Boston College Law Review, 137, 187. 2011.